What is the NMIADA?

NMIADA, a nonprofit 501(c)(6) association was established in 1962. Our purpose and goal is to encourage the joining together of Independent Automobile Dealers and all automotive entities to promote and form a bond to accomplish one common mission.  This mission is to educate, train and promote our dealers in a field that is ever changing; which means we need to change faster so we can better run our businesses, and treat our consumers and communities with the utmost transparency and integrity.  Which is one of the reasons for our newly designed website and upgraded software. To better serve you: The Member.

In the coming months we will be unveiling new programs and networking capabilities that will not only bring more value to being a member of the NMIADA but help grow your business as well

We are always looking for strong interactive members who are looking to better themselves, their businesses, and their communities. We are constantly adding to our membership (both dealer and associate member consisting of all industry fields) to form a strong association on both the State and National levels. Members are encouraged to network with other dealers and associate members to further advance the interest of the Independent Automobile Dealer and automobile industry as a whole. While at the same time protecting themselves and the public by maintaining the highest standards of business and transparency practices among dealers and related concerns.

Drive to Success

The NMIDA staff are constantly striving to make a better association that works for its members. Over the past year we have instituted many changes and have made significant investments in personnel and technology that will streamline costs and boost our effectiveness.

But we can’t do it all alone.

Your membership is one of many voices that make up the NMIADA. With those voices we can advocate for our industry, and effect our standing as a businesses and protect our customers. Together we can make this happen. We ask you to be a force for positive change and tell your peers about the NMIADA and how we have helped you.

The benefits we provide are many and we are only going to offer more for our members in the coming months.