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New Mexico Independent Auto Dealers Association

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The New Mexico Independent Automotive Dealers Association (NMIADA) was established in 1962 to serve our member dealers as the only trade association representing independent dealers in New Mexico.  Our purpose and goal is to encourage the joining together of the independent dealers of our state along with all other complimentary automotive entities to promote and support our industry.  The mission of NMIADA is to educate, train best practices, and represent our dealers to the regulatory bodies and to the general public with ethics, transparency, and integrity in all matters.

Our industry is ever changing and NMIADA is at the forefront of the issues our member dealer’s face.  Whether it is new regulations, consumer complaints, or litigation, NMIADA is here only to support and benefit each of its member dealers in New Mexico.  We pride ourselves on having a strong and active membership, who are looking to better themselves, their businesses, and their communities.  We encourage dealer to dealer networking, and the sharing of best practices, so that it makes all of our dealers stronger and brings better competition to the marketplace.  With this dealer to dealer sharing, we make a stronger overall industry for the consumers of New Mexico.

Our missions is to educate, train, support and promote our members to be the best in the industry.

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Pre-Licensing Education

The NMIADA provides New dealers with state mandated Pre-Licensing Education

2019 Annual Convention

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Community Involvement

Giving back to the community is one of the cornerstones of the NMIADA
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