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Building relationships has always  been one of the tenets of the NMIADA.

In New Mexico, a face to face meeting can create a life long customer.

NMIADA hosts several events during the course of the year that can give your marketing team solid opportunities to get in front of New Mexico’s best  auto dealers and give you exclusive

moment to sell your service or product.

We offer monthly opportunities with our Pre-Licensing Education classes, quarterly conferences, Seasonal events and of course our annual convention.


The NMIADA can engage it’s dealers in a traditional print campaign package that creates a tangible connection with your target dealer market.

We have a bi-monthly magazine that reaches 1000 dealers statewide that keeps dealers updated on the latest  in state and national news and trends. Pre-Licensing and Continuing

Education Packet kit stuffers that reaches new and veteran dealers with designated ads and information.

Your brand can also enjoy prestigious placement in our event and convention programs.


NMIADA has aggressively expanded it’s digital presence and abilities to deliver the latest in news, offers, and instruction to our members across the state.

We offer several platforms where your company’s value message can be digitally sent, shared, and understood at lightning speed.

Advertising digitally with the NMIADA allows your brand to get in front of your  target audience with our “click-through” web banners, email campaigns, and social media outreach.

We also have the capability to create and compose ads for your company if your company doesn't  have the capability.

NMIADA Media Planner

The NMIADA Media Planner is the most effective way to get your company’s brand and value message across to the independent dealers of New Mexico.

With 70% of all New Mexico higher volume dealers being members of the association, your brand will have a distinct advantage in reaching those performing dealerships from across the state.

We have organized our media channels into three categories. These are customizable and can fit any advertising budget to ensure maximum effect of your advertising and event dollars.

Click on the image to the right to download a copy of the NMIADA Media Planner PDF

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