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Curbstoning is the most negativley impacting occurance to Consumers and Car Dealers in our industry today.


What is Curbstoning? It hurts our industry, our customers, and it affects the state's revenue on a daily basis which directly affects New Mexico's residents.
Below is a page from the blog Stop Curbstoning that our Executive Director contributed to.

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Buying From The Curb is Not Worth the Risk!

Just this week, I had a consumer come to our office and discuss with me their awful experience dealing with a $2000 purchase of a vehicle off a curb here in Albuquerque. The consumer had saved up for over six months to purchase the car and was excited to finally have the transportation they needed to get to and from work. It did not really work out that way.

The consumer was given the keys to the car for the cash, and when they asked about the title, they were told it would be given to them the next day. The next day turned into three weeks and still no title. The consumer then started to have major concerns about the safety and reliability of the vehicle. The engine started to smoke, and the clutch on the manual transmission started to get harder and harder to use.

At that point, the consumer was really worried about the purchase and found the New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association online and came to us to seek any remedies. We found not only was the consumer sold a bad car, they were sold a car that had an outstanding title loan on it, and the seller did not and could not produce a title!

As the Executive Director of NMIADA, unfortunately I have to deal with this kind of scenario all too often and have to tell these unsuspecting consumers that the seller is in the wind and they really have no recourse. In New Mexico, a licensed dealer has to be fully bonded, and provide a 15 day/500 mile vehicle warranty to protect the consumer from curbstoning situations exactly like this.

I just wish more consumers understood the protections licensed dealers provided them. Rather than finding what they think is the best deal, they should find the best dealer to make a deal with. Help us help you—buy from a licensed car dealer. In the long run you will always be better off!

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