Dealer of the Year

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NMIADA Dealer of the Year is awarded to an NMIADA Member who has demonstrated the best practices to grow their business, be active in the association and helps their community.

The Criteria to become Dealer of the Year is listed below. We hope to see your Business's name next year!

Join us in congratulating the 2018 Dealer of the Year Winner


After humble beginnings, to expansions and now with 2 locations, L & L has shown a grasp of the fundamentals of the auto business, customer service and marketing. Growing their dealership through the years they have exemplified the qualities and practices that earned them Dealer of the Year.

Criteria to become Dealer of the Year


It is my belief: “Every man owes a portion of his time
and money to that industry or business from which he
derives his livelihood.”
- Theodore Roosevelt

Candidates should meet the following criteria:

  1. Support their respective state association through his/her dedicated service.
  2. Support the NIADA through his/her dedicated service.
  3. Demonstrate a willingness to be helpful in performing Association duties when asked by the various
    state and national association leaders.
  4. Display a willingness to serve the Used Motor Vehicle Industry through helpful service to fellow dealers
    by sharing his/her knowledge, talent and experience.
  5. Willingness to make a commitment to attend their respective annual state and national Conventions.
  6. Have the necessary credentials to compete at the national level, since he/she will be representing their
    state association in a national competition.



Dealer should be committed to offering exceptional services to customers, both during and after a sale. Always maintains the highest standards as they relate to employee and business associate relations. Dealer should be highly respected and enjoy a good personal and business reputation within their local community

Candidates should meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a minimum of five (5) years experience as a successful licensed independent dealer and member of
    their respective state association and NIADA for a period of no less than three (3) years. The candidate
    must be the ‘Dealer Principle’ or listed as the President of the dealership corporation.
  2. Have a sanction free record with the state DMV and/or state licensing agency - have no outstanding or
    unanswered complaints with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs division of the state
    Attorney General’s office.
  3. Candidate’s dealership operation should reflect pride of ownership and offer an attractive appearance of
    facility, grounds and inventory.
  4. Candidates should have an outstanding reputation of good customer relations and the handling of
    customer complaints in an expedient manner.
  5. Operate his/her business in accordance with the NIADA Code of Ethics.
  6. His/Her dealership operation should be a credit to the independent dealer community of their respective
    state and the Used Motor Vehicle Industry as a whole.
  7. Candidates should furnish several customer and employee testimonial letters, as well as business and
    personal letters of recommendation.
  8. Extra thought should be given to those candidates who are NIADA “Certified Master Dealers”.



Affiliations and involvement in community affairs.

  1. Candidates should be involved in the affairs of his/her local community

Note: It is beneficial to all concerned for successful business owners to give something back to the
community in which they develop their businesses and earn a living.

Additionally, experience has shown there is a great deal of satisfaction and personal reward in the giving
of time, talent and money to worthwhile causes within our communities.


If a dealer/dealership has previously been awarded NIADA Quality Dealer of the Year, that
dealer/dealership shall be ineligible to receive the award a second time.