VRS Help and Support

VRS ( Vehicle Registration System)

VRS is a online registration system that all New Mexico Dealers must use to generate Temp tags, Demo Tags, and Transit Tags for their vehicles. The VRS system can also do Lien Checks and NCIC checks that can help the auto dealer avoid costly delays.

Your VRS password will expire every 90 days. You will get a email reminder 15 days (and every day after that counting down from 15 to 1) prior to it expiring to change your password. If you have not changed your password with in that time frame then you will have to call the VRS help desk to do a hard password reset. It is a best practice to change your password before hand to avoid delays in accessing your account to make tags.

The VRS helpdesk number is 505-232-0809
How do I sign up for VRS?
VRS Frequently Ask Questions