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Dealer License Renewal information

This year the Dealer Licensing Bureau has drastically streamlined the process to renew your Dealers License.

You will now be able to renew your Dealers License online at My MVD Online

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You'll be prompted to register and create a login if you haven't already done so. Make sure your have your tax ID# handy.

Once you have created your account you can now work on getting the documents you will need to finish your online renewal. 

It is recommended you have the following ready before you begin the online renewal process:

 1. Number of Vehicles Sold in the last year
 2. Education certificate- Used dealer (required every 2 years).
 3. Franchise agreements- If you have new or changed franchises.
 4. Current Business License
 5. Bond- New, Rider or receipt of payment
 6. $50- processed by credit card or echeck

How to Renew your license-page-001You can now log in and click on your Dealer account and start your online license renewal process.

A full downloadable how to guide is available here

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