6% AG Inspection Best Practice

1. Each time a vehicle is sold an inspection should be conducted as per regulations ( et seq.) and is consistent with the  requirements of NMSA 57-12-6(1978).  Inspections should be conducted by an  independent third-party. However, if the dealer has adequate resources to have a thorough independent inspection of the automobile done within the dealership, then that inspection can be conducted by the dealer.

2. The inspection should be conducted pursuant to the form which is attached to the regulations adopted by the State of New Mexico with regard to sale of automobiles in the State of New Mexico.

3. The inspection should be timely conducted and disclosure should be made to the purchaser  of any damages which have been noted in the inspection so that the consumer is fully aware of whether or not the car has previous damage before the sale is completed.

4. Neither the inspection regulation itself nor the State Statute require that there be a cost estimate provided concerning the amount of damage, if any, found during the inspection.

5. It should be noted, however, that if such financial information is available to the dealer, disclosure to the consumer is strongly recommended.