How to become an VIN Inspector

It is a best practice to be your own VIN Inspector.

There are several advantages to having the credentials to inspect your own vehicles for your own lot. Once you have done all the leg work and have passed the class, know the laws and responsibilities, the effort put into becoming a VIN Inspector will be self evident. It is one of the easiest certifications you can do for yourself.

1) Time Savings:
You will save time by being able to do your VINs there on the spot, on your lot. No more waiting on someone to come to your lot or drive cars in your inventory to another location. Lose the wait, save time.

2) Money Savings:
You'll never have to pay a fee again for getting your VIN inspections done for your inventory. You'll save on to and from transportation costs as well as other expenses associated with VIN Inspections

3) Logistical Savings:
You will process your sales faster and improve your bottom line and increase your customer service.

You can learn how to become a VIN inspector by calling NM Dealer Services at 505-383-2316 or by writing to:

Dealer Services
505 Marquette NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Or by going online to My MVD Online. Choose Dealer Services and then Schedule Vin Inspectors Class.

VIN Bond Information can be obtained at Commercial West Insurance Agency by visiting

New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association 
604 Chama St NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
(505) 232-0809 Fax: (505) 232-0810

New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association BBB Business Review
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